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We are a group of computer professionals that includes local computer experts, the City of Moore Public Library, and the world's premier data recovery labs.

Our goal is to help people recover digital data, such as family photos and other personal files, from devices damaged in the May 2013 tornados that struck Oklahoma. Devices include items such as desktop, laptop and tablet computers, cell phones, digital cameras, etc. THE SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE.

rescuing family photos and other personal files from damaged computers, cell phones, cameras, etc.:

1. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN OR DRY THEM OUT! Instead, leave them as-is and seal them tightly in a plastic bag. This will help prevent oxidation and rust, which can hinder the file recovery process.

2. Bring them to the Moore Public Library, 225 S Howard Ave, Moore, OK 73160, and one of our team members will help you.

Call the library at (405) 793-4349, or email
for more information.
Dave Moore Computers  

Hard drive was in a mud puddle

Trashed laptop, but the files can be rescued!

Christine, whose house was smashed in the tornado, thrilled about the 25 Gigabyes worth of family photos and other personal files we rescued from her crushed laptop and copied to a flash drive. In the background is "The Survivor Dog."


Laptop was destroyed, but we still rescued thousands of family photos and work-related files

This one goes to the lab, too


This hard drive is going to the lab for intensive recovery work.


Chris, happy to get 100 Gigabytes of rescued family photos, videos, work files and stuff for school from his messed up Macbook Pro

So many things rescued from the storm are covered in this awful mixture of mud and fiberglass insulation